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Bookcase/Folding Desk





File Cabinet and Bookcase

The bookcase is excellent for storing videos, compact discs, paperback books, magazines, or books.  The bookcase measures:  36"W x 23"H x 10"D  Natural oak price:  $250 (2-shelves); $300 (3-shelves).  The bookcase in Cherry, Maple or Walnut is 30% more in price.  The bookcase can be custom bid because it can be built to the customers specifications and needs. 
File Cabinet
The file cabinet has a file drawer and a smaller drawer on top.  It serves as a lampstand for the table lamp.  Dimensions are:  23"H x 20-1/2"W x 24"D  Price: $350 in natural oak 

The above 2 pieces can be custom built as one unit.  Can be constructed and shipped in 3 pieces (file cabinet, bookcase, top) and installed side by side with the one top tying everything together.  The Folding Top/Bookcase can be also built to include the File Cabinet and a one piece top.

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